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Trade shows for better networking

Whether you want to meet new customers, partners, suppliers or colleagues, go to trade shows. While providing exhibit booth rental services, manufacturing and exhibition stand dismantling, as well as event management, Archex offers you a chance to participate in these types of events that will propel your business forward. Keep reading to find out more about how your business can benefit from participating in a trade show:

Trade shows are a perfect opportunity to collect email addresses and business cards from people that can be followed up with later. Do not hesitate to ask your best customers and partners about which trade shows interest them, as to be able to meet other like-minded individuals with similar levels of interest.

Invite the same contacts you built to come to you by contacting them through social media or by email to invite them to meet with you. You can offer a gift if they come early. If your competitors are at the event, you can take advantage of this by offering something different and memorable. It is important to offer unique trade show booth ideas. Organize contests, on site and on the internet to collect email addresses of your potential customers and use social media tocontact them for promotions.Also, give them a reason to contact you by offering business cards, flyers, samples or promotional products.After the trade show they may take the time to learn more online. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the interest of potential customers and learn more about what they think of your new products. When it comes to meeting other professionals in trade shows, you want to make sure to have business cards, press kits and even contracts in hand, to be sure not to miss a single opportunity. Prepare a document with a USB key, a video, a booklet and photos to give you every opportunity to stand out from the crowd. You can also organize  the conversations you have had with prospects by taking notes and creating reports presenting the details of the contact person, customer interest level and what was discussed. Both the business owner  and partner will be able to see the interest that is generated by your business.  If you are not ready to present your company at a trade show yet, you can still attend as a visitor to meet with partners to find the inspiration for your future exhibition stand at your first trade show.

You want to join a trade show? Archex is there to support you in creating your own professional exhibition stand. Do not hesitate to find out more about our services or contact us if you have questions. Here at Archex we hope to help you make your business shine.

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