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The Importance of A Proactive Media Relations Strategy

media relationsMost businesses only hire a public relations agency when faced with a negative publicity in the form of negative online reviews, negative commentary on social media, newspapers, magazines and journals.

While it is important to deal with a PR crisis before it gets out of control, it is even more important to realize that there is much more to a successful media relations strategy than crisis management. Following are some tips and ideas on the topic of creating a proactive PR strategy that many agencies such as Zenergy have developed.

What is Proactive PR Strategy?
Proactive PR means spreading the word about the good things your company has done and/or will do. It means highlighting what you have to offer in a positive light. It also involves answering questions or concerns that individuals may have about your products and how they are made, company mode of operation, etc.

A company can put into place various proactive public relations strategies. Those who rely heavily on the internet will want to focus on internet-based PR steps, such as encouraging happy, satisfied customers to write positive reviews and/or putting out official press releases when a new product or service is launched.

Offline public relations will mean getting more involved in the community, sponsoring local charity projects and taking steps to help improve life for those who live in the neighborhood. Getting positive press coverage from local newspapers and magazines is also important.

PR is not something simply done whenever the company faces a crisis. Instead, it should be something given proper attention on a regular basis. A company should make an effort to collect positive reviews and get positive publicity before negative publicity hits. Doing so will make it easy to weather the tide of bad publicity without losing valuable customers and/or business partners.

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