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A Guide to Engaging With Customers and Clients Online

Live chatTechnology opens up a range of new possibilities for businesses of every type. In particular, businesses can improve their interactions with customers and clients through the use of software and online applications. There are several ways this can be achieved, either by creating an ongoing point of contact or by providing an easier, more user-friendly process for those who want to make use of your products and services.

Use social media
Whether your target audience are other businesses or everyday consumers, social media is one of the most valuable tools for engaging with customers and clients. When they “like” or “follow” you on social media, it provides a steady, ongoing point of contact and a ready-made audience for promotions.

Consumer-targeted businesses should share content that is interesting and eye-catching. Providers of business to business products and services, meanwhile, should share content that showcases their expertise in their industry, thereby building up their reputation as a trusted authority and reliable provider. Both types of business would do well to share any promotions and offers on social media, in order to gain exposure among people who have already shown an active interest in their business.

Just as retailers now commonly offer online purchases even if they have physical stores, many service providers can also benefit from offering online booking options. For example, those who provide a service in the home may benefit from having an online system displaying available slots for visits. This way, the customer gets to both make the booking and choose a convenient time easily online. Similarly, providers of business facilities for meetings and conferences may benefit from using a meeting room booking program that will make it easier for clients to place bookings without the need to call and discuss their requirements.

Using these types of systems makes clients more inclined to place bookings in the first place because the facility is there in front of them and is more convenient than that offered by competitors. It also gives them a faster, smoother experience, leaving them with a positive impression that makes them more likely to bring you repeat business in the future.

Live chat
Many people, especially consumers, are still reluctant to pick up the phone if they have queries or issues. Many of those people are also reluctant to use emails, or at least would prefer a faster response than an email service usually provides. Offering a live chat function is a great way to get around this and make it easy for customers and clients to get in touch. It is fast, convenient, and based within the same browser tab they are already using to browse your website. This means that visitors to your site are more likely to get their queries answered, and often this means they are more likely to convert.

From your business’ point of view, live chat can be managed by the same employees who would answer queries by telephone or email. Alternatively, for smaller businesses it can often be managed by existing employees as a small side duty.

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