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New Dawns for Bangalore Realtor

RealtorBrigade Meadows marks an astounding and magnificent new project that shape Bangalore. Brigade Meadows is a luxury living zone located in the south of the popular and adored Bangalore. It adds to the fame of the Bangalore realtors in the quality homes it offers. These apartments are built in a customized way using trusted contractors, offering a unique and beautiful homes with convenience as it’s incorporated with service facilities, shopping centers, hospitals and schools. Furnished with a stretch of green view land and numerous recreational facilities, it is a must stay place.


Brigade Meadows is built by the Brigade group that was established in 1986 with the goal of developing luxury properties. Its headquarters are in Bangalore but with branches in Dubai and The United States. Brigade is a diverse group with its functions ranging from developing property, managing the property, education and hospitality services


Brigade Meadows


This is one of the new projects in Bangalore realtors. The apartments are in configurations of one, two and three bedrooms with a total built up area of 680 – 1630 square feet.


The one bedroom apartments are of several sizes with different price tag. The smallest covers 680 square feet and sells at 26.66 Lacs. The 770 square feet found in Wisteria trades at 30.18 Lacs while the 910 square feet goes for 35.68 Lacs All the one bedroom apartments comes with one balcony and bathroom


The two bedroom apartments come with two bathrooms and two balconies except the smallest one which covers an area of 950 square feet and cost 36 Lacs. The 1120 square feet goes for 43.9 Lacs.


The 1180 square feet apartment cost tag is 46.26 Lacs.


The 1210 square feet at 47.43 Lacs.


1260 square feet goes for 49.39 Lacs


1300 square feet goes for 50.96 Lacs.


All these apartments can be possessed by September 2015


The three bedroom apartments all comes with three bathrooms and all can be possessed by September 2015.


The prices for the apartments according to their area are as follows:


1430 square feet at 56.06 Lacs


1450 square feet at 56.84 Lacs


1480 square feet at 58.02 Lacs


1530 square feet at 59.98 Lacs


1600 square feet at 62.72 Lacs


1630 square feet at 63.9 Lacs

The Interior

The apartments are graced with ceramic tile interior and antiskid tiles in the bathroom. The outside walls are painted with harsh weather proof paints hence making it able to keep fresh for long whereas the interior, the kitchen, and the bathroom are painted with basic paint. The doors are made of hardwood frames while the electrical wire lines are structured and conducted in concealed copper wiring giving a neat interior look.


Recreation Facilities

Brigade Meadow Kanakapura project has incorporated recreational facilities to make it unique in its own way. There is a cricket pitch for cricket lovers as well a basketball court, a café shop where people can hang out and relax, a ground made specific for holding events like parties, an open green stretch of land for creating a unique attractive scenario, gymnasium, swimming pool as well as a jogging track. The building is served with a lift for convenience and a 24 hour security guarantee.

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