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The reason why Whatsapp can beat down SMS as the most popular message sender

Whatsapp-statusWhatsapp is the most practical chat application. Practicality offered by WhatsApp is cannot be provided by other similar chat applications, at least for today. Whatsapp is able to send various forms of files in a relatively short time. Whatsapp does not need a special ID that should be designed as to what we should do when using other chat applications. Whatsapp is able to synchronize automatically the mobile phone number as the Whatsapp ID. Automatic synchronization is the hallmark of which is owned by Whatsapp.

Whatsapp providse convenience for each user to change the status and display picture. Whatsapp display picture and status are two depictions of someone’s thinking and feeling.Each Whatsapp status should be made carefully so that we are able to achieve every goal we want in making a Whatsapp status. Likewise in the choice of display pictures, we should display the best photos we have.

By using Whatsapp, we can communicate easily. Whatsapp is a chat application that has the largest number of users in the world, more than 400 million people. Whatsapp is able to be downloaded through the various app stores owned by a variety of operating systems. Whatever operating system you use, you can download this chat application without having to spend too long time. Make your communication better by using the valuable chatting application.

Whatsapp popularity is enormous and capable of creating a revolution in sending messages. Increasing Whatsapp’s popularity is the main reason of the growing number of smartphone users leaving the SMS ( Short Message Service) as a message sender. Today, the Internet is a matter that is not inherent in human social activities. By using the Internet, we can send messages in any form; text, audio, and video. Sending a message is now more fun with the presence of Internet and of course Whatsapp.

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